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Nieuws - Almazara in de pers: interview met Bas van den IJssel

In het juni-nummer van PERE staat een interview met Bas van den IJssel over het belang van ervaren adviseurs in het vastgoed-investeringsproces. Enkele citaten uit het artikel staan hieronder.

‘Super Senior Advice – Grey hair, no hair, connected or just plain smart, senior specialist consultants are in demand by institutional investors

…By their nature, super-senior consultants in private equity real estate tend to be extremely seasoned professionals. Often, they are people who have been fund managers themselves at some point in their career or may even have worked at an institutional investor. Better still, the ones that investors turn to preferably played little or no part in the mistakes that led to huge problems within their real estate portfolios in the first place. … Bas van den IJssel is a Dutch professional with more than 17 years of real estate experience as a portfolio manager at the Dutch pension fund for constructors, BPF Bouwinvest, and more recently worked as a senior fund manager for international real estate at Mn Services. He also has a fat contact book of limited partners and fund managers. “What many institutional clients want is experience and a network – people that know other limited partners and funds managers,” van den IJssel says. “The majority of pension funds are under-resourced and do not necessarily have this.” Some of the mandates that van den IJssel and his firm, Almazara, have been working on include managing unlisted investments in Asia for the Netherland’s Doctors Pension Funds Services. More recently, he has embarked on a search for listed property managers on behalf of Doctors. Almazara also has a specific US search ongoing for one Dutch pension fund and a project on internal funds at another Dutch pension fund. He also is fronting a group of limited partners in a commingled fund in their discussions with an Asian general partner about the future of the fund.’

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